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Now Corn and Soy Free!

The ladies are back on pasture enjoying the spring grasses and insects. These nutrient dense foods cause a change in yolk color and egg flavor.

We are excited about our new feed ration; it is Soy & Corn free.  It utilizes Wheat, Peas, Oats, Camelina, Alfalfa and Fishmeal along with vitamins and minerals.  The Peas, Camelina and Fishmeal make up the protein which replaces the Soybean.  By removing Soy & Corn from our ration, we have taken out the ingredients that often contain GMOs.  This feed ration also reduces our carbon footprint because all the ingredients are locally grown.  Rest assured, the eggs will be just as delicious and nutritious….if not more so now!

You might ask: What’s the big deal about corn and soy free?  Well, let’s take a look . . .

Corn and soy are two common ingredients in animal feed.  In America these crops, along with others such as cotton, alfalfa, and rice, have been altered by biotechnology scientists in their DNA structure (“gene splicing”).  This splicing involves combining the plant’s native DNA with DNA from other species and alters the plant at a deeper level than cross-breeding or hybridizing.  The purpose of this splicing is to create a superior crop, whether in terms of size, growth rate, or hardiness.  This genetic engineering has been going on since the mid 1980’s.

The engineering raises concerns, however.  No full-scale independent testing has been done to verify the health and environmental ramifications of gene alteration.  Further, the current generation of genetically engineered plants have been developed to work with broad-spectrum herbicides, which opens its own can of worms, including hardier weeds and pests.  This calls for even stronger toxins to keep down weeds, but also more gene modifications to increase plant resistance to the toxins—for example, introducing multiple strains of the Bt toxin into crop genome.  A study in Quebec found traces of Bt in the bloodstreams and umbilical cords of expectant mothers.  Genetically engineered plants have been banned or restricted in Australia, Japan, and the EU.

Because of our concerns over the health and environmental impact of our country’s soy and corn, as well as business and farming principles, we have decided to remove soy and corn from our feed.

For more information on the subject, please visit www.nongmoproject.org or check out Acres USA (April 2014).


Spring Pork is Now Available

We eagerly welcome the coming of spring as do our animals. The grass is beginning to grow and the sunnier days allow everyone to dry out  a bit.  We have spring pork now available! Our berkshire hogs live, root and wallow in our forests. The large fir trees offer protection overhead from rain in winter and hot sun in the summer. There is lots to keep a pig busy and happy in these woodlands because they are moved every few weeks. The forest also benefits because pigs clear away invasive species such as wild blackberries and ivy from the root up!

Ham, bacon or pork chops from our pigs is scrumptious and just in time for Easter. The meat is moist, flavorful and beyond conventional pork. Our hogs are processed, cut, wrap and cured USDA and available in wholes, halves, quarters and 1/6 portions.


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