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Pasture Raised Pork

March 17th, 2014

Our Berkshire Hogs are all natural, with no antibotics, growth hormones, or high stress living conditions. They are helping rejuvenate the land and develop pasture areas. They are not confined onto concrete slabs, but roam freely in wooded paddocks, foraging on roots, grasses and our custom milled feed. The bacon and hams are like nothing you’ll find at the grocery store!

Our pork is available in wholes, halves, quarters and 1/6 portions. Price is for hanging weight and includes USDA cutting, wrapping and curing. Pre-order halves and wholes with a $100 deposit.  Please email us to order a 1/4 or 1/6 portion.

  • 1/6 Hog ~ 25 ~ 30 pounds ~ $4.50 lb. hanging weight
  • 1/4 Hog ~ 45-60 pounds ~ $4.50 lb. hanging weight
  • Half Hog ~ 90 – 110 pounds ~  $4.25 lb. hanging weight
  • Whole Hog ~ 180 – 220 pounds ~  $4.25 lb. hanging weight


How Ordering a Half or Whole Hog Works

1. The first step once you’ve decided to order your pork is to print off the Pork Order Form and mail it to Champoeg Farm with your $100 deposit. This ensures that your meat is reserved.

2. You will be sent an email confirmation that we have received your order.

3. When the time comes, you will receive another email from us with instructions to call Voget Meats with your cut, wrap and cure preferences. At this time, you will be given your hanging weight (HW). You will send us payment for $3.60 per pound HW (less the $100 deposit paid) before picking up your pork. For an idea of what is in the final packaged product, please look over our Pork Cuts sheet. You can also contact Voget Meats directly anytime with questions and they can walk you through your options.

4. We will let you know when your pork is ready for pickup at Voget Meats in Hubbard. (for google map) You will first go into their retail shop to pay for your cut/wrap/cure fees. These average between .65 and .70 cents per pound hanging weight or about $65 for a half hog.

5. You will drive around between their buildings and hand them your pickup slip.

6. They will bring out your finished product including any pork fat (which can be rendered into lard).

7. You will need a large cooler or a few boxes to load your meat into. A half hog takes about 2.5 – 3 cubic feet of freezer space. The cured products are best in the first 6 months and the uncured meat is good for over a year.


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